Product Attachments Extension

Product Attachments module allows downloading files, manuals, media files, audio files and other downloads.

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installation-image Installation Guide

1.Product Attachments extension provides uploading of multiple audio (QuickTime), video and pdf file.
2. Many other files also supported which can download or view these files on product page using content-disposition property.
3.Supported extensions are "jpg", "jpeg", "gif", "png", "bmp", "txt", "csv", "htm", "html", "xml", "css", "doc", "docx", "xls", "rtf", "ppt", "pdf", "swf", "flv", "avi", "wmv", "mov", "wav", "mp3", "zip".


Please visit the demo site for this extension: http://demo.unicodesystems.in/index.php/

Demo Admin

UN / PW: product / product123


Product Attachment Module FAQ :

Q: Can I make product attachments visible to only a particular customer group?
A: Yes it does.
Q: Is it possible to import product attachments?
A: Yes it does.
Q: Can I make a product attachment open in a new window?
A: Yes, the code is fully open & you can customize it according to your need.
Q: Can I display product attachments in an existing block or tab on a page?
A: Yes it does.
Q: Can I add product attachments to category or CMS pages?
A: Yes it does.