Express Checkout | One Step Checkout

This Express Checkout | One Step Checkout extension reduces checkout step six to one and increase in sales.

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Express Checkout | One Step Checkout Features:

  • Reduce checkout steps from six to one.
  • Just a single step to complete checkout.
  • Simplify the checkout process.
  • Provide a better customer experience.
  • Avoid confusing customer with registration.
  • Configurable in your Magento admin panel.
  • Set a default shipping and payment method.
  • Auto update totals (AJAX).
  • Disable unnecessary fields like Company, Fax, etc.
  • Enable newsletter subscription.
  • Enable requiring approval of terms.


Please visit the demo site for this extension: http://demo.unicodesystems.in/index.php/

Demo Admin

http://demo.unicodesystems.in/admin UN / PW: opcheckout / opcheckout123

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(4.65 out of 5)

Just want to say that an amazing work done by developer -Review by Prateek Agarwal
I will recommend this extension to other users because it is providing with the high quality one step checkout process to Magento Online store owners which would enable them to offer their customers a simple way to checkout with the maximum ease and it is very fast, reliable and easy and which lead to increase in sales and it provides great customer experience, it also allows the customers to complete transaction in very few steps and also gives all the transaction details at once which includes order details, shipping options. So everyone Install it into your site & enjoy its benefits in terms of better conversion rates & more profits.
(Posted on 2/27/15)


Express Checkout Module FAQ :

Q: Does this module supports separate seller profile / microsite ?
A: Yes it does.
Q: Does this module allow seller / vendor to list their product?
A: Yes it does.
Q: Does the extension code encoded / encrypted or can we customize it?
A: Yes, the code is fully open & you can customize it according to your need.
Q: License, terms and condition for the module?
A: You can use this module in a single domain (for the multiple domains you need to buy the extended license - single domain contains the license for development server domain as well as production domain as well ) but you can not sell it directly or
modified version of it. If you found in such activities then there will be a direct copyright violation.
Q: Does the module works on multisite?
A: Yes it does.