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MultiBanner with Multiple Effects for Images and Html

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MultiBanner with Multiple Effects for Images and Html (Slideshow, TextFade, Square Transition, Play Pause, Numbered banners, Horizontal Slider, Vertical Slider and Many more custom effects) using magento protoype library.


Please visit the demo site for this extension: http://demo.unicodesystems.in/index.php/

Demo Admin

UN / PW: banner / banner123


Multiple Banner Module FAQ :

Q: Can we add multiple banner ?
A: Yes it does.
Q: Does this module supports separate seller profile / microsite ?
A: Yes it does.
Q: Does the extension code encoded / encrypted or can we customize it?
A: Yes, the code is fully open & you can customize it according to your need.
Q: License, terms and condition for the module?
A: You can use this module in a single domain (for the multiple domains you need to buy the extended license - single domain contains the license for development server domain as well as production domain as well ) but you can not sell it directly or
modified version of it. If you found in such activities then there will be a direct copyright violation.
Q: Does the module works on multisite?
A: Yes it does.