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Banner Slider

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Banner Slider:

  • Highlight your promotion, campaign or any events by using banner slider.
  • Sliders provide an ideal way to display multiple images.
  • Ability to add start date and end date for each banner image.


Please visit the demo site for this extension: http://magento2.unicodesystems.in/banner-slider.html


Banner Slider Module FAQ :

Q: Can we add multiple banner ?
A:Yes multiple banner can be add.
Q: Does this module supports separate seller profile / microsite ?
A: Yes it does.
Q: Does the extension code encoded / encrypted or can we customize it?
A: Yes, the code is fully open & you can customize it according to your need.
Q: License, terms and condition for the module?
A: You can use this module in a single domain (for the multiple domains you need to buy the extended license - single domain contains the license for development server domain as well as production domain as well ) but you can not sell it directly or
modified version of it. If you found in such activities then there will be a direct copyright violation.
Q: Does the module works on multisite?
A: Yes it does.